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MPT is a 1 day workshop exclusively for Business Owners where they learn readily implementable tools and strategies for saving substantial time and increasing business profitability. Learn more

Business Winners is a workshop spread over 5 continuous days, specifically focused at 1) Identifying and Creating a future growth path for your business and 2) Creating all the business systems and processes required to get your organisation on this exponential growth path. Learn more

Business Champions is 7 months journey to achieve a holistic transformation of your business to realise the dreams you always wanted to, and achieve your long pending personal and professional goals. You will be devoting one full day, every week for the next 7 months. The workshops have been crafted in such a way that Passion2Grow and you will be designing and implementing all the systems, processes and strategies in your business on realtime basis, and witness the extraordinary results. Learn more

Processes form the back-bone of any organisation. If you are running a business without documented systems and processes, then you are on a path of self destruction. You tend to waste lot of time on repetitive tasks,which could have been otherwise used on productive and growth oriented initiatives. Passion2Grow team has spent decades in helping businesses grow by creating and implementing robust processes and systems. We will identify all the areas in your organisation where there are either no processes or or processes are not robust enough to work efficiently.

Every business is exposed to various risk factors related to financial, operational, accounting, regulatory and legal requirements of various statutory authorities. Government authorities are tightening their noose day-by-day. Even the Investors and Lenders want to put capital in any business only if it is compliant with respect to all these requirements and benchmarks. Passion2Grow has a team of financial and legal experts who will review your business in detail and assess how compliant you are on all the financial and legal parameters applicable to your business. They will identify the weak spots and get implemented the strategies to strengthen them.

Every business needs capital to grow and tap various growth opportunities. It gets challenging sometimes for MSME entrepreneurs to secure finances required to start a new project or expand the exisiting project. Passion2Grow team has extensive experience in assisting MSMEs in idea evaluation, preparing pitch decks, presenting to Investors/lenders, negotiating term sheets, legal agreements and post closing compliances. Passion2Grow has an extensive network of Investors, Lenders and Intermediaries in India and abroad. We leverage the experience and expertise of all our associates to deliver the best services to you. We also help in inorganic growth of your business through mergers and acquisitions.

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