Multiply Profits & Time (MPT) is a 1-day workshop for Business Owners wherein they learn about ready-to-implement tools and strategies to multiply their business profits and free up 75% of their time, resulting in Personal Happiness and Professional Satisfaction. Are you a Business Owner and loosing 'peace of mind' and 'motivation to conduct business' because:

 You are always under cash crunch and making calls to customers for funds .
 Your customers, vendors, lenders any everybody else wants to talk only to you for every issue.
You plan your tasks for any day but they are never finished.
Your family is always asking you to spend more time with them but you are not able to do that.
You create processes but nobody follows them and everything is done as the way your employees want.
Sales not increasing, Costs increasing and profits are shrinking.
You are not able to service the loan taken from banks and others.
Statutory compliances are not being done on time and you face the risk of penalties or even an imprisonment.
 Everybody including your employees, try to softly blackmail you, high employee attrition .
And to conclude, Business is not growing the way you thought it should (10-15% growth per annum is not a growth at all).

The MPT (Multiply Profits & Time) workshop by Passion2Grow is the solution to these problems.

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You do not need any formal business education to solve the above problems. After this workshop, you will have a clear idea of what to do and how to do – An Action plan!!

During the Workshop itself, you will:

 learn a system of effectively managing your emails to save 75% of your time.
learn a powerful tool to deal with all daily tasks to free up your time by more than 50%.
A proven method/tool to free up 50% of the time you spend on “Meetings”.
You will perform a step-by-step exercise to create a daily schedule to save enormous time.
You will learn on how to increase the prospective Client appointments by 300%.
A live Role play mini workshop on how to break the Customer’s resistance to buying your products.
You will identify your key beliefs about your business and those affect your business growth.
You will modify your belief system to align with “Growth Mindset” approach.
You will learn how to create a company which runs on auto mode.
How to create a system for employees working without you constantly following up with them.
You will create a step-by-step engagement strategy for your employees .
How to attract and retain excellent human talent.
You will learn the true meaning of a BUSINESS OWNER.
You will learn why most businesses go “out of business” and how to anticipate future business climate.
How to ensure that none of your tasks are missed out.
Your customers will call you whenever they have any new opportunity.
How all the regulatory filings and compliances will be done on/before time.
How to create a Success task list ensuring maximum output with minimum effort.
How to create an effective “Growth plan” for your business for the next 5 years.
How to identify your value preposition as compared to your competitors.
1 scientifically proven test for how to minimise the time wastage by understanding of self and others.
How to fix accountability of each and every employee.
5 networking tools to create a continuous 2x sales pipeline.
A financial reporting tool to know the real health of your business every month.
4 excellent decision making tools for best decision making and save precious time, for day-to-day decisions and long term decision.
Create an absolutely effective marketing campaign with virtually zero budget.
Lead management system with automatic sales lead capturing from trade portals and social media like facebook.
How to reduce WC limit to 0 (yes! Zero) over a period of 1-2 years.
How to define the DNA of your business.
Identify at what stage your business is on the S curve and what action to take.