“Business Winners” is a business growth workshop spread over 5 continuous days , specifically focused at

1) Identifying and Creating a future growth path for your business and.

2) Creating all the business systems and processes required to get your organisation on.

Business Owners Learn To:

create a blue-print of their organisation by defining the “why” of their business.
clearly defining your business goals for the next 12, 36 and 60 months.
create an effective Business Plan for to achieve the defined business goals.
create a digital marketing strategy specifically for their business.
create (and they actually do create!) all the Systems and Processes required to put their business on auto mode.

Business owners also learn:

The main reason of why a business can not sustain without a pragmatic business plan.
the underlying logic of creating a dynamic business plan.
the underlying logic of why a process or system should be created.
why a system or process fails.
what a system should aim to achieve and
how to measure the performance of the system and the people responsible for running of the process.

AND Business Owners create all the business systems needed to take their company on a path of exponential growth. Starting with administrative tasks to HR, Finance, Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, Quality, Customer Service and CRM; all the business activities will be run through robust processes.

The beautiful feature of this 5 day workshop is that the Business owner (You!) do not need to have any formal business education or technical knowledge. All the systems are designed during the workshop with a practical foundation built upon with bricks of actual business experience gained by us in the last 14 years. 

The workshop focuses on “What You Need to do” rather than “What You could do”

At the end of the workshop, you will confidently walk out with the following:

A clearly defined monthly Business Plan for your organisation to achieve multiple growth in profits
All the business systems and processes created for your organisation to multiply the free time you always wanted to have.


You will be given a free 20 page excellent document (developed in-house by team of Passion-2-Grow) to review your business performance every month/quarter/year.

The collateral benefit of attending such workshops is that you get to meet so many other fellow entrepreneurs. You have the “great” opportunity to interact with these fellow souls and create meaningful business connections. One of the modules in The Business Champions workshop (7 months workshop) teaches you on how to network with others to create a rain of referrals!

Hurry and reserve your seat now since it is on first-cum-first basis


Do you identify yourself with any of the following challenges?

 Your business is running without any underlying systems or processes.
Have you already tried deploying systems in your business but they never work.
Systems if any, are followed only for few days or weeks.
Your business is just “running” but not “reaching” anywhere.
Do you always fear that business will suffer a lot if a few particular employees leave you.
You always desire of “planning” about the business growth but you get sucked into day-2-day tasks and never get free time.
Your employees work on the principal of “Jitna paisa, utna hi Kaam” and always try to avoid work, whenever possible.
You are always talking on your phone even when you are with your family.
You often miss the important milestones in the life of your family appreciate that.
You know what you want to grow 2-3 times in the next 5 years but your employees never help to contribute to this vision.
Do you think your staff always talks of creating and implementing processes but nothing is visible to you.
Do you think that your top team is great at starting things and taking initiatives but no such initiative is completed.
Do you often get notices from regulatory authorities for non-compliance with statutory laws and guidelines.
You feel that your managers always hide facts from you and you never have  100% visibility of whats happening in your business.
You always feel that 24 hours a day is not enough time to do justice to business and family life.
Have you started facing health issues like high BP, Diabetes, Migraine etc. due to work overload…….