Business Champions is a 7 months journey to achieve a holistic transformation of your business and to realize your long pending personal and professional goals. You will be devoting 1 day, every week for the next 7 months. The workshops have been crafted in such a way that We and you, will be designing and implementing all the systems, processes and strategies in your business on real-time basis, and witness the extraordinary results. We will discuss all the management challenges being faced by you in every aspect of your business and help you successfully navigate them through practically deployable solutions. The ultimate objective of this extensive business workout is to place your company onto a path of exponential business growth and make you one of the best in your class.

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Your business will be driven by robust systems and processes which work 24*7, rather than employees, who work during a specific time.
Your business will be running on autopilot mode and you will have enough personal time.
You will know how to de-risk your business and prevent various frauds.
Your machines breakdown incidences and manpower illness will reduce by 50%.
Complete control over all the business activities carried out in your Company.

You will have ample free time which you can use to think big and grow exponentially.
You will know how to plan for any project to ensure its success.
You will learn how to anticipate the future business environment and tweak your business strategy accordingly.
You will know how to grow your enterprise through inorganic means.
You will take business decisions based on scientific tools.
You will judge the health of your whole company in just 15 min.
You will know the current Laws and Govt. Regulations affecting MSMEs   and how to make best use of them to grow your business.
You will know how to reduce your finance cost by upto 25%.
Ultimately, Your profits will start growing exponentially. 

Passion2Grow will provide troubleshooting support for effective process implementation, whenever required.
You will get to know how to avoid security related incidences like Fire, Burglary etc.
You will have a clear succession plan and your next gen would want to join your business.
All of your statutory returns and reports shall be filed on time. P2G will do a follow-up through timely reminders.
You will get to know as soon as any new law or guideline gets applicable on your business.
None of your key employees in your business will be able to pressurize or blackmail you.

A digital marketing plan specifically created for your business.
You will identify and fix your actual business preposition.
Continuous supply of referrals and leads.
A networking system relentlessly working to grow your business.
Highest possible levels of Customer satisfaction for long term business growth.
Complete visibility and control on collections resulting in improved cash flow.

Your Customers will be happy to provide more business to you.
Banks or Equity providers would be interested to support your business.
You will always have an edge over your competitors.
You will be able to attract the best talent in your industry.
Your employees would love to work for you and will be your most loyal soldiers.
You will experience the best business strategies developed by the top management institutions of the world like Harvard, Stanford and others.

 You will be able to spend more and better quality time with your family.
You will be free from lifestyle problems leading to happiness and increased productivity.
You will conduct the meetings in less than 50% of the time and achieve double results.
You & your employees will learn effective business communication techniques resulting in saving of lot of time.
You will start seeing your business as a separate entity from You
Ultimately, a life full of happiness and purpose.

All-in-all, you will be a CHAMPION of your Business and your life!

Growth Mindset:

During the course of this Workshop Series, you will be working on each and every aspect of your business and yourself, to create a self-sustainable organisation. At the end of workshop series, you will be working on your business” rather than “working in your business”. Each and every department/section/vertical of your business will adopt the effective systems and processes and run on automode. We will instill a business growth mindset in you and you will see a sea change in the way you approach your business challenges. Your employees would love to work for your organisation.

Complete Control on Business

Starting from the generation of leads, to, receiving of money in your bank account, every business activity will be carried out through well defined systems and processes. You will get a monthly/weekly/daily report about the way these systems and processes are working. You will have complete visibility and control over each and every business activity being performed in your business. The most common problem in SMEs is that the employees are not willing to follow processes. However, Business Champion workshop series, You will be able to design and implement processes which will be talking to each other and no employees will be able to put up any excuse for not following these interlinked processes.

Excellent Support from us

All the implementation challenges will be resolved through the discussion in the group, brain-storming sessions and one-to-one sessions. You will get Passion2Grow as your personal business growth Advisor for the next 12 months. Even after 12 months, Passion2Grow team will always be there for any troubleshooting and assistance. Passion2grow will follow-up with you rigeorously to implement all the systems, processes and tools in your business. You will multiply your personal productivity through usage of various tools and techniques that you will learn during this Workshop series. Even after the Workshop is over, We will review, analyse and reorient the processes every quarter, for the next 4 quarters, to get you on a path of profit multiplication.

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