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Are you facing any one or more of the following problems in your business ?

You are frustrated and tired because:

  • Your business growth seems to have stagnated or you are growing in single digits every years!
  • You have to get involved in each function of your business like Sales, Purchase, Production, Billing, Collection, Customer Compliants etc.
  • Business stops working if you are not in office for even 1 week.
  • You always feel that there should have been more than 24 hours in a day.
  • You want to expand your business in other regions but do not how to do it.
  • Your family always complain that you do not devote enough time for them.
  • You are loosing business to your competitors.

Your sales are not increasing because:

  • Customers are not happy with the products/services provided by your company.
  • Your vendors do not deliver the material on-time, leading to late order fulfillment.
  • Your Sales team do not generate enough inquiries or the conversion rate is very low.
  • Your Sales orders are not fulfilled on time and Customer complains about delayed deliveries.
  • Sales are not increasing inspite of sales targets fixed for the sales team.

You are under constant fear of action by Government authorities because:

  • Your business returns like TDS, GST, PF/ESI and IT returns are often submitted late with inaccurate calculations.
  • There are many laws applicable to your business which you do not know about.
  • There are many returns which your business is required to file with Govt. for which you have no idea at all.
  • You face problems in explaining your business to Regulatory authorities, Banks, Investors or Customers.
  • You feel that I should exit my current business and start a new business or become a saint.

Your Employees:

  • Do not stay with you for long and move out as soon as they get any other opportunity!
  • Your Key managers try to pass-on the responsibility whenever they get the chance.
  • You offered high salary to your key employees but they leave as soon as they get a raise.
  • Most of your employees leave your business as soon as they are trained in their job .
  • You do not get good quality employees.

You always struggle in managing the Cash Flows because:

  • You are not able to collect money from your customers on time
  • Your vendors ask for advance and do not offer enough credit period.
  • Banks are not ready to enhance the limit of Working Capital or other Loan Facilities, resulting in cash crunch.
  • Suddenly you realize that you have to pay GST / TDS but there is not enough money in your account.
  • You put lot of efforts but not able to generate enough profits for servicing debt and spend on growth.


if answer to any one or more of the above is yes, then you should attend the Business Champions workshop (100% money-back guarantee) by Passion2Grow.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

learn how to create a self-sustainable, high growth venture, by devoting not even 25% of the time you currently invest in running your business.
learn ready-to-implement, practical techniques, tools and strategies which you can immediately put to work in your business.
learn how to make every available resource work for you like your employees, vendors, Customers, Lenders and Investors.
learn how to create a exponentially business growth from any idea.
be able to create robust systems in your business so that business works on auto mode.
turn your employees into your most loyal soldiers.
turn your Vendors and Customers into your brand ambassadors.
never face a cash-crunch in your business through effective management of receivables.
Passion2Grow will become your Permanent Business Growth Partner to track your business progress and Course correction, whenever required.
transform your business into a self-sustaining engine churning out high  business growth year after year.
create a business which everybody would love to join and associate with.
start loving your work and your next generation would want to join it.
build excellent network with fellow entrepreneurs attending the workshop, which will further lead to your business growth.
learn how to showcase your business in front of your prospective bankers/investors.
get access to domestic and international bankers and Investors network of Passion2Grow.
will get access to free newsletter from Passion2Grow notifying relevant changes in various laws affecting the business.
Free Secretarial Compliance check and a diagnostic report so that you are not caught off-guard and face imprisonment/penalty from ROC.
learn which customers should be given maximum attention to maximize the profits.

Sumit Tiwari – Founder, Sungarner Energies
I had started my own venture in 2015, After having some initial growth, we were finding our growth stagnant and burdened with unnecessary clutters, impacting our expansion and growth. We started working with Rajeev from the last 6 months and that has helped us in many ways, e.g  Smoothening Operations, Employees Motivation, Customer Satisfaction and above all more time to spend in expansion. Thanks to Rajeev for his efforts towards us.
Shivendra Singh, Distributor
I am a network marketing professional and associated with Amway India. I consulted Rajiv on critical aspects of the direct selling industry and the bottlenecks in developing large and successful sales teams. I implemented his tips and ideas in my business and got fantastic results. My business is now on a correct growth path. Thanks to Rajiv!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻
Prasoon Gupta – Co-Founder and Director, Sattvikko
Rajiv has truly been a great friend all the while since we have been engaged in our various professional engagements with him. Along with a strong problem-solving attitude, he is always focused on finding simple yet practical solutions to all business problems. Combined with strong subject knowledge, he brings in his vast experience in order to support entrepreneurs in a super-efficient manner.

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